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Increase Savings with the Power of Machine Learning

Replace Traditional RFP Systems with Artificial Intelligence

Dramatically increase savings and reduce procurement lag with the proprietary PleoAI, which recommends vendors, prices, and timeframes to optimize your purchasing. Inpleo Procurement offers a variety of purchasing methods, including several modified reverse auction and Dutch auction suites.


Easy Enterprise Purchasing

Rapid Reverse Auctions

Control bid diversity and visibility to your vendors with our four different reverse auction modules: Open Reverse, Blind Reverse, Qualitative, and Ranked Bidder.

Easy Dutch Auctions

Set your limits, name your vendors, and go. Our Dutch auctions are easy to control and refine, and you get best results with our automagical matching.

Private Auctions

Designate any auction as private and invite only the vendors you would like. Private auctions can also serve as a specifying tool with your vendors to gauge general pricing.

Zero Lag

With automatic notifications to vendors and fine-tuned controls for overtime, increments, and more, you can rest assured knowing that Inpleo Procurement will get you what you need, when you need them, all at the best price.

Automagical Matching

Our PleoEngine matches you to the best suppliers in your network by utilizing the power of big data, making your purchasing painless and fast.

Recommendation Engine

We recommend suppliers that you may not know yet so you can explore new options and continuously improve your supply chain.

Evolving Software

Every single transaction you make on Inpleo makes our engine work better for you – the machine will notice trends to help you save more money!

More Features

Intuitive and Real-Time

Our reverse-auction platform provides a painless bidding process for suppliers and real-time auction tracking and bid monitoring for buyers.

Smart Sourcing

Eliminate traditional RFQ with our product attributes recommendation system and add negotiable terms to get the best fit items when you need them, at the price you want them.

CRM B-Gone

With our integrated contact management system, existing and new vendors are automatically recommended to you so you don’t have to thumb through your contacts.

Private and Secured

Utilize our private auctions and secure network to negotiate for goods and prices – we don’t see your conversation and make sure every letter is encrypted for your privacy.