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Our Amazing People

Meet the team building the best enterprise software in history.

Founder and CDO

Jaas drives the architecture of the overall software design, and was caught working on the server at 4 AM, a mere five hours before his own wedding. A graduate of the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University, Jaas is fond of finding key solutions at our home base of Pittsburgh.

Founder & CEO

Brian drives the core sales and overall strategy of Inpleo, and can often be found up late at night reading industry papers. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Brian tremendously enjoys travelling to meet new people.

Founder & CTO

Naas drives the core algorithm and machine learning design of Inpleo, and is often seen sipping a cup of exotic tea while reviewing code. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Naas has learned that Pittsburgh winters are quite the opposite of his homeland, Mauritius.

Our Advisory Board Members

Our strategic and technical advisors help us succeed.

Strategic Advisor

As the Chairman of Deal Flow for BlueTree, Don collaborates with BlueTree’s committees to identify quality deal flow, invite new investors and partners to the group, manage our meetings and help our portfolio companies to grow and reach their full potential. Outside of his work with BlueTree, Don is actively involved in mentoring and coaching numerous start-up and early-stage companies in the region through Alpha Lab, Alpha Lab Gear, The Thrill Mill and the eCenter at Linden Pointe. Don is a serial entrepreneur and visionary leader who has consistently leveraged technology to improve the customer experience and top and bottom-line results, in multi-channel consumer product companies. He has been involved in the growth and development of several businesses, including American Eagle Outfitters, from 1 to 165 stores (as President/CEO), Sundance Catalog Company (as Executive Director), and Bear Creek Corporation (as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing).

Strategic Advisor

Joe joined Inpleo as a strategic advisory board member in May 2017. He is an advanced technology C-Suite executive with over 25 years experience in international, domestic, federal and entrepreneurial markets ranging from advanced cyber technology and Department of Energy sensor systems to industrial operations including Mining & Metals, Oil & Gas, and Energy. Joe recently served as General Manager of Innovation at US Steel, as well as being an integral growth partner at MJS Partners, LLC, Interphase Materials, LLC, The Bode Technology Group, Spec Ops, Inc. and Prime Photonics, LC. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Mr. Swider earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va., and spent four years in the Unites States Navy.

Technical Advisor

Dr. Manuela Veloso, PhD, is the Herbert A. Simon University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. She serves as the Head of the Machine Learning Department at the School of Computer Science at CMU. Her impressive list of publications and academic achievements contribute invaluable advancements in Machine Learning as well as Robotic Sciences.

Strategic Advisor

Shawn Fronzaglia is a seasoned procurement professional with experience in both the strategic and tactical elements of strategic sourcing and procurement in a variety of industries. Shawn currently serves as the Senior Manager for Market Intelligence and Strategy at Arconic.

Strategic Advisor

Howard Eisner is the president of ELM Investment properties, a Pittsburgh real estate investment company. Howard also operates his own architectural design-build window company, Fenestra. Howard brings his expertise of dealing with large clients, as well as developing overall sales strategies for growth.

Technical Advisor

Kathleen Rejman is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate who specializes in data science and data sales. Kathleen actively works with the Inpleo team to ensure the quality of the data sets remain in pinnacle form. A purist when it comes to data, Kathleen provides uncompromising experience and expertise in our software machine learning developments.